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Tailor Mirror

Gesso and bole is the base usually prepared for water gilding; the technique is centuries old six to eight layers
of gesso, and then three to four layers of bole (which is a mixture of natural earth pigments and gelatin
glue) are applied whilst warm each layer of the gesso, and each layer of the bole is finely sanded, and then
the last layer of bole is burnished

Frame bole colour options: Black,Brown,Putty,Pewter

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Standard Sizes Below:

137cm x 213cm
100cm x 175cm
70cm x 140cm
Weight approx 25kg (85lbs US)

Lead time 10 – 12 weeks
Prices exclusive of shipping and packing

Custom sizes available – please enquire

Each piece of mercury glass is hand tarnished and therefore unique – images are a guide only as each piece will vary

Please enquire for further details and price

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