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The Arnold Dining Table

The Arnold dining table is inspired by old refectory tables. The piece is created from salvaged antique elm wood, a warm and durable material that with its age attains a beautiful structure and look. The wood shows cracks in its uneven surface that have been gratefully incorporated into the design to obtain a charismatic look. The tabletop shows a geometrical pattern, formed by a linear layout of smaller elm boards, supported by baluster legs with a solid stretcher.

The wood has been dried to make sure it maintains its stability under temperature changes. The beautiful elm wood is left natural, to reveal the feel and grain of the wood, therefore the tabletop will obtain a unique patina by time and use.

Refectory tables were the dominant form throughout the Middle Ages in Europe, however a style with bulbous legs like the Arnaud would only appear in the 18thcentury. Until late in the 1700’s the dining table in France would consist of a board on folding trestles, easy to store and adaptable to different numbers of guests. Moreover the sturdy construction was solid enough to support elaborate table settings as they were popular among the nobility during the 17thand 18thcentury. Throughout the 1700’s rooms would gain more separate functions, become smaller and more intimate, therefore furniture no longer needed to be foldable and could be steady and adorned.

Product properties
Height 78 cm
Width 100 cm
Length 260 cm
Weight 92 kg
Ref : F684

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